Brighten Up!

Logo for Brighten Up with the text "reflect on your choices, be bright, be seen, be safe"

Road safety is the responsibility of ALL road users

Congratulations to Trent Hills Fire Chief Tim Blake for leading the BrightenUp campaign!

December 4, 2017 – Tim, pictured with Melanie Trottier, Regional Marketing Planner, MTO, is recognized for his efforts and leadership

Bright clothing during the day … but what a difference the same clothing makes at night!

Don Clark demonstrates the impact that reflective clothing has.  Reflect on your choices!

Watch our new video and remember to #BrightenUp

November 30, 2016 – Pictured from L – Melanie Trottier (MTO), Tim Blake (Trent Hills FD), Kate Chapman (Town of Cobourg), Kevin Benn (OPP) at the Colborne Crosswalk

On Road / Off Road

Members of the On Road / Off Road sub-committee are asking you to Brighten Up!   With the time change in November, it’s darker earlier in the evening and that makes it harder for people who are running, cycling, riding and walking to be seen.  

Don Clark, Cramahe Councillor and avid ATV rider, shows just how “Bright” you can be on an ATV!! 

Brighten Up!

The goal of this campaign is to encourage all on-and-off road users – pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, ATV riders, snowmobilers and agricultural vehicles – to make themselves bright and reflective so that they can be seen.   Click here for more information …

Sgt. Kevin Benn speaks to the media about the Brighten Up campaign (photo credit: Valerie MacDonald/Northumberland Today)