Agricultural Vehicles

  • Travel after dark only if absolutely necessary. Remember that you need proper lighting for night driving.
  • Keep the SMV reflector emblem clean and replace it when it starts to fade.
  • Make sure your load doesn’t obscure the lights, mirrors and warning signs on your tractor.
  • Your visibility is vital at all times, especially when it is dark or the visibility is poor. Always keep all vehicle lights on and working – turn signals, headlights and taillights, warning lights, flashing amber lights and eye-level signals.
Image of Brighten Up agricultural vehicles poster
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Be Alert

  • Avoid all distractions
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Obey the rules of the road, all signs and signals
  • During the day, wear bright clothing

Be Seen

  • At dusk and after dark, increase your visibility by wearing reflective gear such as: reflective belts, arm/leg bands, clip-on LED glaciers, iron on reflective straps, reflective gloves, scarves or hats.