On Road/Off Road Safety

On Road/Off Road Safety

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Reflect on your Choices on Rural Roads

Be Alert

  • Avoid all distractions.
  • Be aware of surroundings.
  • Obey the rules of the roads, all signs and signals.
  • During the day, wear bright clothing.

Be Seen

  • At dusk and after dark, increase your visibility by wearing reflective gear such as:
    reflective belts, arm/ leg bands. Clip on LED flashers, iron on reflective strips,
    reflective gloves, scarves or hats.

Agricultural Vehicles

  • Travel after dark only if absolutely necessary. For extra visibility consider enhanced
  • Keep the SMV reflector emblem clean, and replace it when it starts to fade
  • Make sure your load doesn’t obscure the lights, mirrors and warning signs on your
  • Your visibility is vital at all times, especially when it is dark or the visibility is poor.
    Always keep all vehicle lights on and working– turn signals, headlights and taillights,
    warning lights, flashing amber lights and eye-level signals.
  • Try not to group pieces of equipment together when traveling on high-traffic
  • Provide a follow car with hazard lights flashing.
  • Limit movements of equipment during evening or peak traffic hours.
  • Keep lights on and flashing, even in the daytime.
  • Verify if the size of the farm vehicle you drive or tow is subject to additional
    mandatory lighting requirements.
  • Verify if the size of the farm vehicle you drive or tow is subject to additional mandatory lighting requirements.

Driver’s Tips

  • Slow down as soon as you see farm equipment on the road way.
  • Watch for hand signals.
  • Be aware of the triangular slow-moving-vehicle (SMV) sign.
  • Watch for flashing amber lights.
  • Do not speed past farm machinery.
  • Do not pull out in front of slow moving vehicle and then slow suddenly.
  • Do not expect equipment to run partly on the road shoulders.

Reflective Gear:  Dawn & Dusk Safety for the Outdoor Enthusiast here

Wear Reflective Gear at Night – No White at Night Challenge here

November 2016:  The Office for Injury Prevention, in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, Police Services, CAA, Ontario’s trauma centres and other road safety partners invite you to Be Alert, Be Seen – a provincial road safety campaign.  View the  “Shine” video here and the “Not so Funny” video here

Farm 9-1-1

Farm 911 The Emily Project – read more about this project on their website here and on Facebook here

Car Seat Safety

When children use car seats, they are well protected and less likely to be severely injured.  Parents and caregivers need to choose the right car seat or booster seat for their child and make sure it is used properly for every single ride.

More about Car Seat Safety from Parachute Canada here

When you buy a child car seat for use in Canada, look for the National Safety Mark label attached to the seat.  This label indicates that the seat complies with Canadian Regulations and Standards and is legal for use in Canada.

For more information from the Ministry of Transportation, click here

Image with t he text:  Cobourg Police Service Child Car Seat Clinic

Cobourg Police Service offers car seat clinics – please follow them on Twitter (link here) or contactCPSAuxillary@gmail.com to find out when the next clinic is and book your appointment.

Do you need to check if your child’s car seat has been recalled?  Click on this link to Transport Canada’s website

Below are some helpful videos demonstrating how to install your child’s car seat.  Always follow the manufacturers installation instructions.


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