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Safe Communities Northumberland County, established in 2013, vision is to make Northumberland County the safest and healthiest place to live, learn, work, and play.  We pride ourselves on building a diverse partnership with over 50 organization working together.  We work at identifying and reducing the risks in the following injury categories: Falls, On and Off-Road injuries, and Self-Harm (mental illness, relationship based victimization and suicide prevention) and Interpersonal Violence by using a comprehensive approach. Our goal is to fill the gaps in the community that no single organization can do alone.  Our collective response has had a significant impact on reducing the risks to individuals across Northumberland County. Our focus has always been on working with the community, service providers and key decision makers to identify the gaps and solve complex problems together. 

To address the top injury categories in Northumberland by focusing on prevention through education and community capacity building.  To address gaps in services amongst services providers by working together.

We have developed 4 pillars that will be reflected in all our work based on our Strategic Plan. They are as follows.


Partnering for better outcomes

Collaboration is key: activities related to collaboration, including new inter-agency relationships resulting in new training and delivery of information to the community and supporting agencies.


Preventing Injury

Promotion of Injury Prevention: activities (education, training and awareness) will focus on demonstrating and modelling of behaviours that demonstrate better choices and promote behaviours that will foster health and save lives for all in our community.


Providing barrier free access

Training, Professional Development and Community Engagement: activities intended to ensure appropriate initial & ongoing education and training to community, professionals/ para-professionals required to better respond to the needs of our community.  This along with ensuring our activities are low or no cost will ensure that we address the barriers through a collaborative response.


Promote resiliency and well-being

Knowledge Translation and Exchange: activities intended to influence our community and reduce harm.  Activities include promotion of injury prevention materials and guidelines, promising practices, knowledge translation, knowledge transfer and mentoring.


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